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Slavoj Žižek – What does it mean to be a revolutionary today?

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SoPhiA Workshops

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October the 29th from 2-3 pm there will be a workshop given by our very own Graduate student, Brendan Dean, about philosophy writing. The main focus will be on thesis statements and logical arguments. This is extremely useful for any of you who are having trouble with the technical aspect of writing philosophy papers. Both Brendan and Sarah Kizuk will be available for questions afterwards until 4pm.

This event is free and takes place in PR 100. Please stop by!

In the next couple weeks Cameron Brown will also be offering a workshop on research methodology. This workshop may not be pertinent to all students, as not everyone is doing research yet. However you may learn some valuable tricks that will put you ahead of the game once it is time to start. The date and place have not been confirmed as of yet.

Please contact SoPhiA if you have any questions, or for more information about tutorials or upcoming workshops through-out the year.

Robert Boyle’s to-do list

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Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle

Among other things, Robert Boyle, scientist (there’s a law named after him) and inventor, hoped science would achieve:

  • dentures
  • hair dye
  • plastic
  • “attaining gigantick dimensions”
  • psychedelic drugs
  • scratch ‘n’ sniff

You can view his original manuscript at the Royal Society’s History of Science Centre’s blog.

RSAnimate – The Empathic Civiliazation

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Philosopher’s Zone – The Extended Mind

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brain in a vatWhere does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin? Some philosophers are now arguing that thoughts are not all in the head. The environment has an active role in driving cognition; cognition is sometimes made up of neural, bodily, and environmental processes. Their argument has excited a vigorous debate among philosophers and this week we discover what the fuss is about.

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