Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

PSA Minutes – 2009 October 30

PSA General Meeting Minutes October 30th 2009

In attendance: Genevieve, Andrea Kessler, Marouf Mahmoud (President), Humza Makhdoom (VP Social), Emily-Jean Gallant (VP External), Mike Xenakis (VP Finance), Daria Saryan (VP Academic), Laura Boyd-Clowes (VP Communications), Chuck Ng (GPSA), Robert Sonin, Marc Pilon (GPSA)

Executives absent: Issei Takehara (VP Internal)

Proposed agenda approved with amendment -  Gnosis journal report added, item 4d

Mike’s reports

VP Finance

-          Submitted cheque requisition form, receipts, request for computer and phone

-          Two proposals for special projects: PSA Library, Spring Nietzsche Conference

-          Local business “Philosophy Student deal” plan

Internal Reform Committee Chair

-          Discussion to change the name of PSA to PAUS, SPA, UPSA etc.

-          Change the by-laws to include Phosphoros Undergrad. Journal

CFS Committee

-          Plan to release a report on what the CFS does, why it matters to students, especially Philosophy students; ascertain facts

Member Association Inventory Committee – request for volunteers

Humza’s reports

VP Social

-          Totaro talk was successful

-          Nov. 5 Weinstock “Political Philosophy and the City” on 7th floor

-          Proposed: Nov.19 Bela Egyad Nihlism and Buddhism

-          Proposed: Spring Film festival

-          Tentative: Brunch Nov. 27

-          Confirmed book fair Nov. 24, 25, 26

(Chuck requests that our events are announced to Graduate students too!)

Daria’s report

VP Academic

-          Peer tutoring program is rolling; request for more volunteers!

-          Possibility of setting up workshops

-          Announcement of open house Nov. 7; request for materials (pamphlet), volunteers

Issei’s report, given by Emily

-          Office hours to continue until exam period

Laura’s reports

VP Communications

-          Posters, weekly updates, request for comprehensive mailing list

Journal committee

-          Journal has been named Phosphoros

-          Collaboration with GPSA, other faculties

Emily’s report

VP External

-          Brunch in the works

-          Nuit de Philo (Inter-University event)

-          Upcoming meeting with FASA

Marouf’s reports


-          Reaching out to other faculties; Proposal to reinstate General Education requirement

-          Video lecture archive project

News and Other Business

Emily will have info regarding department meet-and-greet brunch.

Chuck suggests upper-level undergrad get-together for potential graduate school applicants. Council likes this idea.

Committee Appointments – Tabled. Proposal for motion next meeting RE: Policy reform, social program, external affairs, panel discussion on “Ethics of Education”

Name change – We are not recognized for our name. UPSA and PAUS have been suggested. Should we put it to referendum? Yes. Students will have three choices.

Chuck presents Gnosis report – We didn’t know that PSA is officially involved with Gnosis! In fact, Gnosis is a joint project between PSA, GPSA and the Concordia Philosophy Department. In the past few years, the journal has been run on a ‘de facto’ basis. Before launching an external project of inter-Montreal collaborative publication, Gnosis would like to regulate and reform internally. There is an attempt to constitute the journal. Gnosis’ committees requires undergraduate representation. Laura volunteers to sit in on Gnosis meetings.