Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

PSA Minutes – 2009 January 16

[Note: these are informal minutes and have not been approved by the PSA - rs]

Philosophy Student Association
Semi-Regular Meeting
31 October 2008

Present: Spencer Bailey, Cameron Brown, Sarah Kizuk, Marouf Mahmoud, Kai Matthews, Tara Myketiak, Robert Sonin
Absent: Liam Sobey
Regrets: Cody Redmond

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m.


There was no agenda. The meeting proceeded informally.

1. Wine and Cheese

Mr. Brown reported that the GPSA has offered to gain use of the graduate lunge for the PSA wine and cheese. It wa agreed after brief discussion that the event will be planned for 50 people, and the budget for food and drinks was set at $600. There was some discussion about how best to publicize the event specifically to philosophy students.

2. Essay Contest

Mr. Brown reported that eight essays were received, and will be judged by three undergraduates and one graduate. The winning entry will be submitted to Gnosis, the graduate student journal.

3. Art Matters

Mr. Brown related that there were 5 or 6 submissions for a PSA contribution to the Art Matters event which will be held in the EV building on 14 February 2009.

4. Faculty-Student Brunch

Mr. Brown reported that owing to the success of the last faculty-student brunch that the PSA should do another. All agreed.

5. Philosophy Department Green Space

Mr. Brown suggested that the PSA do something to make the department green space more green and amenable to use, and less filthy and dangerous. He reported that the department might be able to contribute something to that end. All agreed that this is a good idea, and that the PSA will revisit this idea.

6. Funding for Philosophy Student Outreach Proposal projects

Mr. Bailey reported that he will be requesting a special project budget of $850 from ASFA pursuant to the booklet and refreshments for the town hall meeting mentioned in the Philosophy Student Outreach Proposal. This was approved by all. There was some discussion of how best to proceed with applying for special project funding owing to the rules governing each of ASFA’s and the CSU’s special project funds.

7. ASFA VP Internal

Mr. Brown reported that the ASFA VP Internal had agreed to attend the meeting but did not.

8. Other Business

Mr. Brown reported that the department wa bringing at least three speakers to Concordia.
- Prof. Demakopoulos (Prof. Lavers asked for help in bringing him to Concordia)
- Prof. Chakavarti, whose very recent book has been assigned to Prof. Clarke’s class
- An unnamed speaker from the University of British Columbia
- Prof. Hahn, who has been successful at getting speakers, may also be inviting some

Kai Nielsen will be giving two “farewell” talks. [Talk 1 - 23 January 2009] [Talk 2 - 30 January 2009] All agreed that it would be nice to do something for Prof. O’Connor as well.

Ms. Kizuk reported that she approached Prof. Hahn about doing a symposium, but that Prof. Hahn did not want to agree to anything until there was a specific plan at hand.

Mr. Brown reported that Prof. Allen said about the same thing, and that she would prefer that any chosen topic be within her fields of specialty. Mr. Brown also suggested that the PSA seek to involve the female professors becasue the last symposium had been all male.

Ms. Myketiak mentioned that the journal Praxis had pushed their deadline forward, and that the general theme for th eissue was the “ontopolitical”, and that it will be coordinated with QPIRG‘s Study in Action.

Mr. Brown mentioned that Gnosis was also seeking submissions and that it was not necessary to win the essay contest for undergraduates to submit papers. He also mentioned that there will be a conference in May with the title “Life, Death, and Power”.


The Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.