Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University



The workshop series will be a way to bridge the gap between Grad and Undergrad students. The VP Academic will work out workshops (3 per semester) with interested Grad students on such themes as Citation 101, Exegesis 101, and how to read critically.


Continued from last year’s association we wish to return again with two book fairs, one in November and one in March. The purpose of these events is to connect Students, particularly Philosophy Students, with book vendors on campus and near campus.

Phil 101 book

This is a continuation of a project that began two years ago, which has been beneficial to many undergrad students. The association made a book or 101 introductory info to the department, philosophical inquiry, and course requirements. It is the goal this year to create a new edition, bringing all info up to date, as well as printing copies.

Library Project

The goal of this project is to provide a unique departmental library available only to philosophy students. This is a project that hopefully may grow over many years; however, we hope to start with a significant improvement to the current resources, as well as implementing a library take out system. Each year SoPhiA hopes to buy a copy of each course pack, books that are taught every year, as well as continue to buy certain popular volumes for the library.