Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2010 December 13

December 13th Sophia Meeting
Call to order
Adjustment to the Agenda – Business cards
Sarah moves to approve minutes. Minutes approved.

Michaela’s report
Ethics bowl went really well. Sheila Mason is suddenly competitive.
Pamphlets – Raf is designing next semesters leaflets.
Approval for extra funding for speaker series

“I think its been a really good semester with the relations with our governing body, helping with the overall direction of Sophia. I feel it’s been really successful and we’ve really come together as a team”.

Michala on Ian’s behalf – not present – finances are briefly describe. Maybe budget line for Philopolis. Spending – most refunds received. We still have alot of budget left for the next year.

Library effort hasn’t really been put forward. Library cards to come! Tutorials have been great, Cameron’s workshop (flop) Brendan’s was good (or vice versa?)
Gnosis representative this year is Laura. Laura is also the editor in chief for Phosphorus. Bilaws question needs to be worked on to write phosphorus into the book, and changing the communications profile/position ie a connection to Phosphorus. Still waiting for the checks to come through for Andrew and Brendan. Went to one department meeting with Gen.

“I think it’s been a good semester, but warning I’m going to be really busy next semester”.

Rafäel – Mushy response has been composed. Its lost. “ I’m glad I got involved in small p politics. Although I don’t think I worked to my full potential as an executive, I’m getting a better idea of how things work, through discussions with Sophia. I intend on remaining involved in Sophia, and I’m happy with how all things have went”. Jamiey is going to sex Rafs cat.

The logo was made as a make shift logo. But everyone likes it.

Geneviève – The semester went well. Booking rooms and permits are difficult. She will work on getting dates firmed up for future events. The Smith talk went well. The brunch went well, there was a guy with a baby, it was raining. Of the professors, only Sheila attended. Department class schedule is out! Davis Morris asked Gen to think about the situation of the universities regarding evaluations. Department meetings are sometimes boring, sometimes interesting. Pub night went well. I really like working with you guys. “Everyone has been very supportive. Thank you”.

Gen is more civil than Avi (in disagreements that is)

Jamiey – Philopolis etc “ its been fun!”

Tabled special funding

Dates for the speaker series – dates and talks are coming together

Undergrad colloquium – nothing to report.

Raf wants to reorganize the office. Jamiey thinks its fine to reorganize the library.

Extended discussion about what the office is. Movie nights and business cards to be discussed in the future. We need a pamphlet thread.

Wine and Cheese tentative dates – after the metaphysics class Feb 17th Grad Lounge
Sushi Brunch tentative dates – March 4

January 14th Andrew’s Workshop January 21/28 – Cameron’s workshop / Prof. Sharp talk
Middle of March – Lauren Freeman’s talk — late febraury-early march Heiner talk
Daria and Tara workshops are totally unknown

Tentative dates for parties – January jump-off Thursday/Friday mid-January

March 18-20
-CEGEP piggybacking

Note Study in Action – Conference on community and environmental action – good thing for your cvs
Subject : Economic Breakdown and Austerity measures