Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2010 November 26

November 26th, 2010

1. Meeting started late. Sarah, Geneviève, Michaela, Trevor, Jamiey and Rafael were present. Ian was absent.
2. There was no planned agenda. We decided to simply report back what each of us had been doing since last meeting.
3. The first portion of the meeting was in camera.
4. Meeting re-opened.
5. Laura B.-C. Attends.
6. Laura reports that Phosphorus received 2 appropriate submissions. She suggests that we advertise the call for papers at our different events, possibly including something in the flyer. We agree that networking with the faculty and with other associations, perhaps talk about it at Philopolis. Laura also said there would be another deadline, which she will inform us about. For Gnosis, she reported that things are going well and that undergrads have a symbolic participation.
7. Sarah will be working on the by-laws regarding Phosphorus during the break.
8. Rafael suggests that we have a committee for the flyer. We all discuss the idea, and come to the conclusion that everyone should send their dates as early as possible so Raf can do the layout early in January. Sarah suggests that we have a calendar included in the flyer with all the scheduled events.
9. Movie nights should be scheduled and advertised.
10. Sarah spoke about the grad-undergrad workshops: Brendan’s went well, Cameron’s is being rescheduled, Andrew, Tara and possibly Daria will be giving workshops next semester.
11. The bookfair went well, Sarah, Raf and Jamiey worked on it. We might have one next semester.
12. Geneviève talks about the speaker’s series. We are trying to get a schedule so we can book rooms and advertise as early as possible. She also talks about her project of an inter-university reflection group on the situation of universities. Laura suggests talking to Cameron Stiff from Sustainable Concordia.
13. Trevor talks about the home party for December, we don’t have money for it. Trevor will look into getting an alcohol licence. The quantity of alcohol should be reasonable. So we decide on December 17th for a pot luck type event. Sarah formulates the question, it’s voted in.
14. Trevor also talks about the January Jump-Off, with SASSU – will take place at McQuibbins, the tickets are 15$ each (possibility that if one sells 10, they get one free, or a deal of the like). It will be on a Thursday or Friday in mid-January.
15. Rafael asks about the logo. We discuss the contest we were supposed to have and decide that we won’t have it anymore. Motion to adopt the current logo Rafael came up with (Michaela). All approve.
16. Meeting is adjourned.