Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2010 October 29

Minutes for October 29th 
Time: 4:20pm
Michaela Manson
Jaimey Kelly
Sarah Kizuk
Rafaël Khoury
Genevieve Dick
Philippe Schnasse (representative from GPSA) ,
Avi Glanzer

-Welcoming of Rafaël to the association.

Exec Reports

-Ethics Bowl
-Sheila Mason is super into it: ‘we are gonna win this’
-Thinks $300 is enough funding for our involvement in the competition
-Michael has good news: Though it is not confirmed, we may receive $900 for the colloquialism.

-The revision of ASFA’s annexes
-Michaela is trying, with the help of someone from ASFA to change ASFA’s annexes.


-Jaimey will ask about storage.
-A time sheet will be place indicating who will be present


-11 people
-it went amazing.
-academic misconduct: helping students with current papers.
-Office Use
-Sarah wants to be able to use it for tutoring without interuptions
-she says: not during anybody office hours, not during class, one hour a week
-Gen and Jaimey both think its reasons and stand behind this.


Assessing professors.
If anyone wants details, talk to gen.
-The University is planning to assess the relation between profs and students. And the students view on their education and the quality of this. “Consumerist”
-She invites those interested to take part in this discussion.
-The Profs were very enthusiastic of the workshop as well as the Ethics Bowl.
-Everybody gets hysterical for some reason.
-The Open House
-We had 53 visitors.
-A few annoying moms with their kids came.

-Speaker Series
-Sarah thinks we should involve Lauren Freeman and Brady Heiner.

-Department Christmas Party
-We should not use the term “Crash” but we should be invited.
-Phil thinks we are not aloud to go.
-Genviève forgot to ask about the liquor licenes for the Wine and Cheese with the grads. She is sorry (its okay Gen) and proposes we could go to an establishment instead.
-Michaela thinks we should try for the license anyway.
-Jaimey proposes that we postpone the event.
-It is decided that the Wine and Cheese is postponed to the 12th of November,


-Jaimey is waiting to receive word that the postcards have been printed.
-He is going to pick them up and deliver them.
-He has talked to Dina about Funding.

Special Funding

-Michaela plans to make a document of resources for the execs reference to get special funding.
-Jamey proposes to have meetings to go over and polish applications.

Avi’s weekly movies

-Once a week having movies shown in the library
-Followed by a discussion. And drinks at a Burritoville
-Avi is okay with downloading movies.
-We can sneak drinks into the library.
-Avi is fine with having it once a week.
-Sarah brought up the idea of having the screenings at peoples houses.

New Meeting Time

-Sarah will make a doodle.

Concluding Remarks
-Lets go drink.