Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2010 October 08

Minutes for October 8th

Meeting: 10:00am Pr-100

Attending: Jamiey Kelly

    • Michaela Manson
    • Trevor Mader
    • Raphael Khoury
    • Genevieve Dick
    • Philippe Schnasse (representative from GPSA)

Amendments to the Agenda

    • Under Discussion of Future Events
      • Halloween Party Oct. 30th
      • Wine and Cheese Nov. 5th
    • Jamiey wanted to talk about logo contest
    • Michaela wanted to talk about Petkov email

Rotation of Chairing

    • Trevor was decided to chair the next meeting
    • It was decided that we would make the decision of who chairs the meetings a week in advance



    • Ethics bowl
      • Proposed a Doodle for the availability and the potential of weekly meetings in order to properly prepare for the competition
      • This would be Fridays at noon
      • The room would be a standard Library study room
      • Expresses concern about student initiative
    • ASFA Council meeting next Thursday (October 14th)
      • Presentation of budget
      • Special Funding through CCSL has a deadline of October 15th
    • Remo Bodei has chosen not to come to Concordia
      • Jamiey expressed interest to advertise for the McGill and UdM talks he will have.
    • Polling for our by-elections start Tuesday (12pm – 7pm)
    • There is also special project funding through CSU


    • Philopolus
      • He has been attending meetings
      • Advertising for Philopolus:: through posters and pins.
      • Movement is happening
    • Dawson
      • Daria has a connection with Dawson with an academic consultant/advisor
      • Trevor recommends going through the Liberal Arts Program Director for a link to the philosophical world at Dawson
    • Office hours
      • Jamiey would potentially like to move his office hours
      • It is decided that he make a new schedule for the office hours and take it into his own hands as long as the schedule be posted in and outside of the office.
    • Social Networking
      • WSSA, SASU, COMS Guild all share related topics of interest as us and we should be looking to form relationships with


    • After Party
      • Good turn-out, lots of people
      • We ran out of beer but at a good time
      • Phil was attacked by a bloodsucking vampire
    • ASFA Social Committee
      • Met with Ally MacDonald (VP Social ASFA)
        • Many great parties this year:
        • Halloween Party
        • Culture Nights monthly
        • Charity Soccer tournament to fundraise for HACU
        • Frost week in January


    • Brunch
      • The date is October 15th
        • Sheila Mason will be there
        • Falcon will not
    • SoPhiA Speakers committee
      • Meeting next Friday after brunch
    • Wine and Cheese with Grads is November 5th


    • The polling is taking place in the Hall building, adjacent to Java U
    • October 12th and 13th from 10am to 7pm
    • We need to get people to vote
    • Scott gets 100$ honorarium
    • His booth lackeys get 50$ amongst themselves

David Morris

    • Very supportive of SoPhiA
    • Advises Jamiey to go to Sheila Mason for Dawson connection
    • Rozahegy loves us
    • Philopolus deadline is December
      • Morris is looking to set up workshops for turning course papers into conference papers.

Use of PR-100

    • Morres, is it all good? He loves having Phil students in the building living their philosophy
    • Grads and Undergrads
      • The grads are looking to take an empty room for study purposes because they don’t have any room for that
    • The cleanliness of the lounge
      • Clean your mugs
      • A list for office etiquette
      • A cabinet to store mugs maybe? (Special project funding)
    • We need a goat
    • Until the grads get a room, PR-100 can and will be used by all, but with certain noise parameters kept in check
    • The Study space is PR-100
    • The lounge is for social space
    • Michaela says that we need to implement a policy but until the policy is implemented, as it stands is that the use of PR-100 is a study space for quiet use, so basically an Orange Zone
    • Philippe says that we should check policy on classrooms not being used from Concordia
    • Tabled

Petkov’s Suspension

    • SoPhiA’s position: we have no business in the matter
    • Kill your profs (I don’t know how this came up, but its in the minutes)

Logo Contest

    • We decided that VP Coms is going to cover the logo contest
    • ASFA Website
      • Jamiey is going to update the info on the website along with the contact info.

Upcoming Events

    • Brunch on October 15th
      • Theme: Career Prospectives with faculty and students
      • Profs to share their own experience
      • Michaela would like to see alumni there
    • Wine and Cheese with Grads on November 5th
      • This will be held in PR100: it has been booked
    • Halloween party on October 30th
      • BYOB styles
      • Maybe at Phil’s place?
    • The MA info session will be held at some point on the downtown campus, information will be provided as it is received