Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA AGM Minutes – 2010 October 01

Annual General Meeting – October 1, 2010

Called to order – Michaela chairing today

Approval of our previous minutes – approved

Approval of agenda – Courtyard garden under business arising – approved

Executive reports

  • President

Her role described. Michaela reads the letter which she wrote before the meeting to address the association, as well as various details. Perhaps we could review the letter, as well as other executive reports , to confirm the details? (I’m certain that I am incapable of catching all the little details).


His role described. Potential budget presented. Last year’s budget was approved. Start up ($500) is almost all spent. Nadim’s resignation has created space – Ian is taking the reins for the time being.


Her role described. Brunches with profs. Friday, Oct 15. Academic and non-academic content. Organizing wine and cheese events. Other project is a mini-speaker series. 4-6 lectures, committee request prompted to the association. Quotes requested from Chartwells for CSU spaces. Department meeting attended with Sarah. Profs discussed the university strategizing to get more students (ie more money, visibility). She attended the graduate associations latest meeting.


Philopolis – Philopolis is a joint project between the four universities of Montréal for a two day event. I would like to put a lot of energy and resources go into Philopolis this year, and to continue the work of the last external, Andrea. This year, there is the potential to have an event on Friday evening at Concordia. However there is a lot of brainstorming to still do. I would like to encourage anyone who has ideas about Philopolis.

Dialogue between departments – I would like to create a connection between the associations that examine social theory, namely women studies (WSSA), sociology (SASU), communications (COMS) and political science (PSSA). The unique perspectives and theories that each concentration can adds to the dialogue on various social issues and problems

CEGEP Liason – I would like to create a connection between Anglophone Cegeps and Concordia. I have a tentative meeting with Eric Goldner from the Concordia Welcome Centre on October 22 to speak about making a connection with philosophy profs and students at Cegeps, as well as stimulating interest in the arts at Concordia.


Committee around book fair – making a library – tutoring program – budget requested is $1500 to improve library – in house speaker series – committee for that. She worked with Daria who showed her the ropes, she worked on the garden, but it was raised to the ground.

Tutorial program has not been utilized, but there are tutors available. Two grad workshops: one on thesis statements and logical arguments and the other on research methods.

Bookfair needs a committee with help to contact vendors, organize table, be there to watch the tables, people to make posters. Amending phosphorus for the by-law .


Role defined, talked about parties and thrills. Organized all the parties for the coming year, we need people to come to the humungo parties. First party is tonight at Burritoville, immediately following this meeting – er actually manga? People might meet there to eat.

Second party is organized with the grads. Should be fun. Grad students are awesome resources. Holiday hangover might be in Pr 100, maybe not. Catered. Full-legit, semi-cash.

Trevor’s mission is to organize, not only parties for us, but to network with other associations (SASU) the January jumpoff is going to be 150 – 200. I loved this presentation!! You can get drunk.

Another collaboration (WSSA) Spoke to Andrea – February fundraiser benefit concert . There are interested bands, but a call out to the association for the connection (I missed which cause was “thrown out”).

Then there’s the end of year party at Burritoville, philosophy students + teachers.

-Old business –

Resignation of Nadim Kobessi – bi-election announced. One nomination has been received

Phosphorus – Laura is going to present on the journal. She would like to make the publication official. She would like to make it into a bigger project. She said that Michaela would like to get it included in the bylaws. There will be a call for papers later on. Relationship to Gnosis may be compared. Referendum question may be added with next year’s elections

Gnosis – Confusion about what Sophia’s role is in the graduate journal. There was concern about the journal including undergrads. We were prompted to sign a memorandum. See operating principles. Editor in chief has a lot of power. Memorandum would give us a representative in gnosis.

Creation of phosphorus caused some issue to arise in which gnosis wouldn’t be useful for Sophia. Sarah feels that staying would be beneficial. How would signing this memorandum make a difference?

Since 1973, Gnosis has had an uncertain place for Sophia, but it has been there nonetheless. Signing will ensure a role for Sophia in the future. See Gnosis’ mission objective.

Various confusions have prompted the memorandum. Laura is nominated as the representative. It makes sense to Sarah (and Laura).

Would there be any standards (and what are the standards for each publications). Gnosis will be pickier.

Motion to vote on the issue by Michaela. Question called. Motion approved.

Nomination for representation – Laura is nominated, seconded, third’ed – someone else agreed.

All those in favour of nominating Laura as the rep. Approved

Is the goal to spend all we were given? We used all our start up money.

Budget is presented in detail.

Various things came up briefly which are huge but were rattled off really fast: logo contest – philosophy 101 book – film festival – ethics bowl – Philopolis – colloquial – Italian consulate presentation Rimo Bodini (November 16th)-

Everyone like the Bodini idea – all vote yes

-Business arising


Is there a budget for plants (special funding?) There are loads of details on auxiliary funding. email ian.

People are very interested in the garden space – we need to figure out all the details. email sarah.

Ethics Bowl

Aaron wants to get involved in the ethics bowl

Check our Facebook page

Last point

Burritoville – please come to our party – provide your info too

Next meeting in PR 100 at Friday the 8th 10am – up to the department