Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2010 September 07

Minutes meeting September 7th 2010

Present: Michaela, Trevor, Gen, Sarah

Visioning about SOPHIA event


-with Lavers on Speaker series

with other student associations, Sarah suggests WSSA

GPSA!!! Wine and cheeses, meet & greets, etc. etc. sand gen with bob?

Trevor  suggests getting our name out there with bigger co-sponsered events, Poli Sci, Reli, Engl

→ focus on networking

→ however do not plan many or big events during December, April or during midterm weeks.

-Brady Heiner Lecture –> Trevor organizing

-T suggests having events to raise funds/awareness for different social issue, ie. Pakistani flood relief. Sarah suggests collaboration with applied ethics course, or any ethics courses.

-Film Festival – Humzah did a lot of work for this already, everyong agrees should continue, suggests February as a tentative time to set as still much more work must go into it. Michaela volunteers to help Trevor

-Everyone agrees Bookfair should continue, unsure if we should have one or two,  Sarah will work with Trevor and possibly Jamiey to set up first one in November, if it goes well, seems like we should have second – not in same month as Film festival- too many ‘academic’ events, mix up with social events and speakers

-Brunches, requested by previous Chair to continue, Meet & Greet style. Gen.

-Issei’s Sushi Event, Gen will co-ordinate with Issei

-“Brown Bag Lunch” with professors, Lunch with one prof where they tell the students about their experiences in Undergrad, grad school, applying for grants, etc to give insight to students, and allow profs to have a chance to interact on a more personal level. Gen and Sarah to co-ordinate.

-Philopolis–> all agree to be supportive and engaged with project. Jamiey has expressed serious interest in project, and as external, perhaps with Andrea Kressler, will be rep to Concordia Uni. All to encourage as many students as possible to join that committee and attend actual event.

-Ethics Bowl. Michaela to co-ordinate with a Prof (Mason? Gilabert? Freeman?). All supportive of project and willing to lend some financial support if necessary.

-AGM.  Oct. 1st -Trevor booking room for AGM, and looking into space for social after event, perhaps Regies, or Burritoville.  Concerns we should start early in case meeting takes a long time. Michalea writing tentative agenda, and explanation of what and AGM is for leaflet.

-Leaflet: One page, folded in three. Info: Names and emails of all reps, including office hours. Link to website, sophias mandate, blurb about tutorial program as well as links to learning centre (sarah). Date of AGM, tentative agenda, blurb. Gen to find out how many first year level students to figure how many photocopies we need to make. Michaela writing/layout.

-Sarah interested in library project, collaboration with GPSA, consolidating libraries (maybe just making each library available to undergrad and grads, rather than physically moving them), hosting a book drive (in conjunction with bookfair?), creating a check out system, possibility of becoming part of ALT Libraries with QPIRG concordia, QPIRG Mcgill, 2110 Centre, Queer Mcgill, Dira and others.

-Extremely important to let students know they are always welcome to participate. Get personal, invite classmate, let them know they can be on committees, steering committees, or/and even bring a project proposal to a meeting. All want as much student body involvement as possible.

Task check-out:

Trevor: Booking room AGM, Booking space after event, Brady Heiner talk, Fund-raising/awareness event, Film Festival co-ordination/room booking, collaboration with Lavers

Gen: Determine how many first year students, email Mason about orientation, work on brunches, brown bag lunches, and Issei’s sushi thing, Collaboration with Bob/GPSA on meet and greet/wine and cheese type event.

Michalea: Ethics Bowl follow-up, Flyer, Help Trevor with film fest.

Sarah: Collaboration with Bob/GPSA on meet and greet/wine and cheese type event, Work with Trevor and Jamiey on Bookfair, Library, write Tutorial blurb for flyer

Jamiey: Philopolis, working on bookfair with Trevor and sarah.