Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2010 August 30

Michaela took student id numbers from Nadim, Genviève, Ian and Jamiey for association (registration?)

Nadim has changed major, but still wishes to participate in the association

-No amendments -

Office hours and syllabus shout out -Jamiey expressed criticism of adding Sophia content to syllabi

Special events ad hoc position for Andrea – Let’s wait for the law – Booking Officer

Perhaps a mixer before the AGM

AGM – Budget, ideas, purpose, expenses, review of past expenses, open time for people to say what they think – Friday, October 1st – 6pm

Booking? VP Socials concern

Greg Lavers – Speaker’s series – He has one speaker in mind Berry Stroud – Open to other speakers

Suggestions by Bob – GPSA Bob’s Garden Party – Everyone agrees but subject to that exact name

Consolidate library – Sarah is interested in taking charge on this issue with GPSA

Nadim regarding the website and the mailing lists –

Website needs content, like images, links, bios, news, commentary, past minutes- bylaws need to be updated – discussed word press adaptation for the Sophia page– Contact page will be condensed with bio  — Think about sending all email to lists instead of people? – executives – mailing list


Mixer – Maybe? – on September 16th Thursday – afternoon/evening – we need some of Trevor’s input

A division between academic and social – should this be adjusted and amalgamated

Office hours

Ian-Monday (Sarah/Michaela Tuesday/Thursday) Jamiey-Friday