Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2010 September 24

-All executives present-

Amended by Michaela – open floor for Philopolis speaker

Michaela added undergrad quoloqia

Agenda approved

—-President report——

Pamphlets were graciously printed by Dina, then adjusted and updated without typos and events

Ethics bowl – department is enthusiastic about persuing it. Now we need to recruit interested students.

Some classes have been spoken to. Many people will be spoken to regarding to (various ethics classes will be spoken to, including Sheila Mason, who has offered to be the coach).

ASFA had a five hour meeting. As far as stuff pertaining to Sophia, not much came up. Council wanted a Sustainable VP added. Budget was submitted without problems.

CEO has been contacted and organized for by elections. The original date has been postponed, so we can’t officially announce the communication position.

Michaela spoke with Bob Seger about the website.

(changing the domain will involve Nadim intimately)

Our start up budget of $480 needs to be spent.

Chocolate milk discussed in depth

—-VP Finance report—-

ASFA duties were more complicated than thought of. We are asking for 200% of last years budget. Revenue would be 150% increased. Purchasing journals was moved. Ian is to replace Nadim in regards to his responsibilities. Pitching 18year olds is hard.

—-VP Internal—-

The department meeting was successful in regards to our reputation with professors.

The soonest time possible for the brunch is Oct 7th or 8th. The theme would be career perspective, and hopefully we could involve the grads.

GPSA – the internal will sit on the meeting, or perhaps the external.

Would like to create a committee to has a mini-series of lectures. Chloe was interested. Jamiey is interested as well. Organization would occur a little later on.

Aaron is interested in attending the Québec National Assembly, perhaps meeting with the minister of education, for those with interest in law or politics.

Gene also included brunches, sushi and brown bag, as well as the grad/undergrad mixer- $2000

—Social —

If you want CSU space book it tomorrow.

AGM is in MB 3.430 4pm-9, starts at 5 a class room. No conference rooms available. Vidoe projection costs are lower. Burritoville for the afterparty, the prices are a bit steep. MacKibbins is another option. Will the beer be better? $300 for a case of wine. $75 for a flat of beer. Burritoville is booked (45$ per hour). 8pm -12pm. Motion to drink a case an hour.

Networked – SASU and WSSA. Projected attendance of 150 – 200. 2nd week of January for Jump off. Fundraiser with WSSA – thinking rock bands.

Motion to permit Laura to speak about Phosphorus before the comm. issues.

Motion to discuss GPSA issues. Discussed. We need to move forward.


Brochures gave brochures to Dina/Mary. I want to contact the learning centre. Couch needs to be cleaned. Aaron and political science

—VP Academic

Email profs before coming to make announcements

Grad series – Logical arguments + research methods

More people are getting collected for tutoring

–Aaron went to a workshop, Aaron was like the only one there.

—Laura and Phosphorus—

Sensitive to the democratic editor and chief. She wanted to add a referendum question. There are a few papers on Nadim’s server. Phosphorus is cheap. The committee was easy to assemble. Laura feels confident in taking a strong role in the journal. It’s a two year commitment (as the committee chair), not the boss necessarily. The person who wants to take over Phosphorus they could be elected, or just assume the position. The mentoring system is Laura’s idea. It’s a venue to get undergrads published.

Jamiey expressed that he feels that creativity and student activity will keep Phosphorus afloat, rather than legislation. Sarah agreed in a sense.

Andrea has a manual for Sophia, which contains the rules. Maybe something similar could work for Phosphorus.

Michala asserts an idea about piggybacking Phosphorus on the VP Communication, along with a manual that outlines. Trevor agrees. Policy?

Laura feels that there needs to be a place in the bylaws.

Jenn thinks it should be included in the VP Comm. because it insures its position without the authority. Gives it room to change, but prevents it from creating positions.

Michaela wants to make it the official Sophia publication.

Motion: Appoint individual to draft a referendum question and policy as VP Comm. and official.

Passed – Sarah works with Laura to draft policy.

–Chuck from Gnosis—

Gnosis is a collective association between Concordia Philosophy in general. Phosphorus rep could act as the rep on gnosis. Plans to go out and make an inter-Montréal journal. There were certain stakeholders for gnosis. This is a historical involvement. PSA was originally. They wanted to structure it more formally. This memorandum would make it more official. Sophia a stakeholder, so do we want to be involved further or do we want to be excluded completely. Too many details, relationships, and issues regarding politics, professors etc. to accurately take the minutes well. Essay contests, differences between Phosphorus and Gnosis. Laura and Chuck discuss in great length the administrative and logistic relationships between the two journals, and what they represent, as well as the details pertaining to students and undergrads. Does Sophia have a stake in gnosis at all?

Gnosis deadline is the next department meeting.

Tabled to the next meeting? Passed.

Aaron’s email:

–Closed meeting at this point–

bilaws — delayed but we need to confirm the deadlines

Don’t talk about it –support everyone equally

$300 per year per election