Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

PSA Minutes – 2008 October 31

Philosophy Student Association
Semi-Regular Meeting
31 October 2008

Present: Cameron Brown (President), Cody Redmond, Tara Myketiak, Sara Kizuk (?), Spencer Bailey, Robert Sonin, Kai Matthews
Absent: Liam Sobey (Vice-president), O’Neil Buchanan (Past President)


In lieu of an agenda Mr. Brown suggested that the group discuss the following:

1. Departmental suggestion process
2. Upcoming Symposium
3. ASFA situation and possible elections

This was agreed with no objections.

1. Departmental suggestion process

Mr. Bailey reported on his meeting with the Philosophy Department’s Undergraduate Committee (Professors Smith, Fritsch, Mason, and Allen). There was enthusiasm for the “town hall” idea (professor Smith suggested that the it be called something else), for the introductory pamphlet idea (professor Fritch suggested that a mailing list might be difficult to compile for logistical reasons, and there were reservations about the idea of including suggested readings), for the idea of a regular lunch with professors, for the PSA’s initiative in holding a regular tutor drop-in session, and for the document in general. He reported that the committee will be meeting again next term, possibly in January.

Mr. Brown asked what the next steps would be.

Mr. Bailey replied that the PSA should develop the pamphlet and schedule the other projects.

There was some discussion about the logistics of the various projects. In connection with communications issues raised, Mr. Redmond reported on the state of the web site, that the PSA had acquired space on a CSU server, that there was a placeholder page up, and that a more comprehensive content management system would be up by the week of 3 November.

2. Symposium

Ms. Kizuk(?) volunteered to create a poster for the event. There was discussion of the content of the poster.
There was discussion about whether to supply wine and cheese at the Symposium, and it was decided with no objections that it would be better to hold the Symposium and wine and cheese type of even afterwards.

3. ASFA Situation

Mr. Brown explained that ASFA wanted at least two more executive offices filled, and had expressed reservations about how the present group had been constituted. The names and contact information of the active members of the group were inscribed in the Dean of Students registration form with titles reflecting what individuals were presently doing for the group (Mr. Brown – President, Mr. Bailey – VP Academic, Mr. Redmond – VP Communications, Mr. Sobey – VP External, and Mr. Brown and Mr. Sobey as signing officers).

Mr. Brown suggested that he would submit this, and that ASFA might be satisfied with that. Mr. Redmond asked what was meant by holding elections. Mr. Brown replied that there are provisions for holding elections in the Bylaws, but that the same effect could be obtained by holding a Special General Assembly. It was agreed with no objections to call a Special General Assembly for 12:00pm on Friday 14 November 2008 in PR-100 if possible.


The meeting adjourned with no objections at 1:30pm.