Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2009 December 01

December 1st
Present: Marouf Mahmoud, Issei Takahara, Mike Xenakis, Daria Saryan, Nadim Kobeissei, Andrea Kessler, Guillaume, Phil, Wael, Marc

Mikes’s report:
First financial report upcoming
Request for monthly reports from all executives – the first one is due December 20th

Humza’s report:
Plans to work with FASA on a school-wide parade
embodiment week January 11-15

Daria’s report:
Meeting with Academic Code of Conduct about the ethics of peer tutoring

Issei’s report:

Getting internet connected in the office
Office hours will end on the eighth of December, to resume the second week of January
Set up online photo album, to be updated

Laura’s report:

Marouf’s report:
Meetings with Prof. Fritsch and Mason, the poster conflict has been mostly resolved. The issue was not put to discussion on the website in order to prevent provoking animosity in the department. Instead there will be an extended discussion of gender and sexuality next semester in a (potential) themed week.
Recommendation to have more student-teacher events
Executive guides – please continue working on this
VP “Ad Hoc” – Marouf nominates Nadim for his technological expertise – VP Tech
Passes with ten votes for, Nadim abstains.

4. News and other business

Wael suggests an association-wide discount on “Bodies” exhibit, in connection with Embodiment week. A related essay contest.

Nadim explains domain names and website ideas
Possible names –
After discussion, the group votes. sophiaconcordia is chosen.

Weekly newsletter – Importance of online course evaluations, by-elections and referenda result, office hours will resume in the second week of Jan., suggestions for five films for movie night series

Phil presents idea of Grad/Undergrad movie night series