Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

SoPhiA Minutes – 2009 November 21

Present: Humza Makhdoom, Tara Myketiak, Philipp Schnaase, Andrea Kessler , Mike Xenakis, Marouf Mahmoud, Daria Saryan, Laura Boyd-Clowes, Mike O’Brien,

Agenda approved, no amendments

Marouf’s report:

Successful Egyed event
Feedback on posters for ‘Graduate Experience’
Reminder of by-elections
Emily had to withdraw from PSA because it was interfering with her schoolwork. Andrea is running for VP External
Ongoing work on executive guides: advice on how to do your job! Requirements of the position etc. To be passed on to future executives.
Request for monthly written reports, to be included on the website
Addition of VP ‘ad-hoc’

Mike’s report:

There will be monthly financial reports on the website
Request for monthly reports from every position in order to create institutional memory
CFS report will be released later – to be done in time for bookfair is too rushed.

Humza’s report:

Aiming to film all speakers as of January
Bookfair: Two of the vendors have dropped out, but Humza called other bookstores
Preparations for the brunch – getting food permits
Body Experience – Potential speakers are being solicited
Mezzanine tabling proposed – twice a month?

Daria’s report:

Tutoring has received some attention – issues of plagarism
Talk of Grad.workshops
Report of Gnosis meeting – they want more undergrads!
(Phil interjects with details of what kind of undergrads would be best for the Gnosis review board – qualifications)

Issei’s report (absent):
Brunch ingredients provided
Essay critiquing – what is our job?
Library project/”secondary literature database” to be ready in early Winter semester

Laura’s report:
Regular updates of facebook page, website and email list
Ongoing development of effective Communications procedures
Phosphorus CFP sent out. Request for distribution of CFP to all Humanities and Social Science department heads

Emily’s report:
ongoing work on:
Nuit de Philo
Fine Arts symposium
CFS report

Andrea introduces herself. Proposed projects include CGEP outreach and peer tutoring.

4. News and other business

a. By-election and referendum to be held Nov. 24: remember not to campaign on election day!

b. weekly newsletter details : By-elections on the 24th,Brunch,Call for tutors, next weekly meeting

c. ASFA MA inventory check: still waiting on reports from Daria, Marouf, and details from others

d. secondary lit. database will consist of an online list of recommendations from profs. etc.

e. CGEP and college outreach: talk to students about the ‘real world applications’ of Philosophy

f. Book fair poster: reading of Sheila Mason’s letter of objection
Discussion follows.
Daria expresses her disapproval. Mike had torn some posters down.
Marouf reads some emails from students, expresses concerns about the sovereignty of the PSA
General debate about issues of sex in advertising, freedom of speech. The females in attendance are outspoken about the controversial aspects of the symbols used on the poster in question (naked female body, pearls, etc.)
Humza responds: he will create a new poster. He does not believe that the beautiful image should have been taken the way Mason and other unnamed students and professors took it, that is, as offensive.
Mike’s suggestion is that discussion should continue online at the PSA website.

5. Unfinished business