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Mark Rozahegy: “Simulate This! Navigating the Hyperreal with Baudrillard and Heidegger”

Posted by admin | 9 October 2009 | Comments Off

Come join your fellow philosophy students for a talk from Concordia’s own Mark Rozahegy!

This event will be held at 2100 Mackay in PR-100. Stick around for an informal discussion.

“The hypothesis for this presentation will be that the condition for
the possibility of simulating reality is that reality itself is
already a simulation.  The talk will first attempt to prove this
hypothesis using the work of Baudrillard and Heidegger and will then
look at how Baudrillard and Heidegger respectively navigate the
hyperreal by comparing their differing approaches to thinking in
response to simulation as our possible future.  Possible guest
appearances by Nietzsche, Derrida, Saussure, and Burroughs.”


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