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Philosophy Student Outreach Funding Approved

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Hello Everyone,

I have received full ASFA Special Projects funding for the two main initiatives outlined in the Philosophy Student Outreach Proposal (it is available on this site).

The first initiative, a “Town Hall” meeting will at this stage be brought to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, so dates and times can be arranged, as it relies heavily on professors’ participation.  I will give updates on this as they come along.

The second initiative, a small handbook for first year philosophy students NEEDS YOUR INPUT!

I would like to have an open meeting to discuss and assign development tasks for the content of this little booklet.  Some ideas I already have can be found in the above mentioned document available on this site and on the PSA Google Group.  Tentatively, I am thinking of meeting Friday the 30th at 2pm in PR100.  If too many people that are interested can’t make it, we will have to find another date and time.  Furthermore, if you would like to contribute something without attending, feel free to email me at spencerpbailey at google dot com.

Remember, the content of booklet is aimed at philosophy students in their first year: I will be the editor of this book, and am looking for:

-events and organizations in Concordia and Montreal that philosophy students should know about

-resources for philosophy students that both allow themselves to learn about philosophy in general, or aid in their studies

-personal advice from your own experience that you think might be important for others to know

-anything else you can think of!

Also, feel free to leave your input or attendance information in the comments section of this post.





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