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What is Philopolis?

The investigation of philosophy is dynamic and multi-faceted, but often treated as highly abstract and constrained to a narrow scope. It is actually very broad, and touches on topics in all fields of inquiry and every day life. Philopolis aims to re-affirm the place of philosophy within social, cultural and academic landscapes.

Through panel discussions, workshops and conferences, this event opens a space for an exploration of philosophy and its relation to other important and concrete ideas. There will be an abundance of activities touching on topics spanning the full breadth of philosophical enquiry: over fifty presentations to choose from, along with a keynote presentation to close out each day.

Philopolis is open to all who have interest in philosophy. While the event is organized and hosted by academic philosophers, its doors are open to those from other fields, as well as those from outside of academia entirely. Philopolis not only embraces philosophy’s relation to the full breadth of intellectual inquiry, but also embraces the unique cultural dynamic of Montreal, offering French, English and bilingual presentations in the hopes of making all feel welcome.

Philopolis is organized by students from the four universities of Montreal, and represents a unique exploration of the city’s intellectual topography by members of all its social, cultural and academic groups.

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