Students of Philosophy Association, Concordia University

Philopolis – Philosophy in the City

Philosophy in the City
March 19-20, 2011


What is Philopolis? The investigation of philosophy is dynamic and multi-faceted, but often treated as highly abstract and constrained to a narrow scope. It is actually very broad, and touches on topics in all fields of inquiry and every day life. Philopolis aims to re-affirm the place of philosophy within social, cultural and academic landscapes. [...]

Event – Perspectives on Sustainability: Current Research at Concordia

The Geography graduate students in seminar HENV 615 are coordinating a campus-wide graduate and honors thesis poster session focused on sustainability research. The goals of the event are to bring together these students, provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work and network with each other. The title of the event is “ Perspectives [...]

Conference – Anime and Contemporary Japanese Society

A conference titled “Anime and Contemporary Japanese Society” will be held in De Sève Cinema (LB125) on Friday March 6, 2:00-5:30 p.m. Vice- provost Dr. David Graham will give opening remarks followed by a brief speech by Mr. Futagi, Deputy Consul General of Japan at Montreal. Two guest speakers from Japan will present their papers, [...]

Conference – The School of Thought (U. Western Ontario)

The School of Thought The University of Western Ontario Call for Papers Undergraduate Philosophy Conference: Free Will and Determinism Keynote Speaker: Derk Pereboom March 13, 2009 Submission deadline: February 2, 2009 Our ability to hold people morally responsible for their actions is taken by many to depend on whether or not people are determined or [...]