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Philosophy Guidebook Help

Fellow lovers of wisdom, I will be working on a “Philosophy Jargon” section of the guidebook. Basically just terms first year students might have trouble with (i.e. temporal, apriori, ontological, existential…). I’m sure that we have all had (maybe still have) trouble with at least some words used extensively in philosophy. I am asking you [...]

Contribute to Philosophy Guidebook

Hi all, The Philosophy “Guidebook” is going ahead full steam.  For those who are interested in contributing, I have posted its sections with the names of who is working on each project in “PSA Documents>Other Documents“.  If you want to contribute to something you see, email that person.  If you want to add something that [...]

Philosophers–Lovers of Wisdom?

Peter Fosl Although academics will hardly raise an eyebrow about this “open secret”, it comes as a surprise to many others to learn that many philosophers, in fact an increasing number by my lights, are little devoted to the love of wisdom. In only a merely “academic” way do they aspire to intellectual virtue. Even [...]

Descartes, the Pineal Gland, and Pine Cones

[Originally posted by Marouf to the Google group - rs] Why did Descartes choose the Pineal Gland as the soul’s place of interaction within the body? Some good places to start: Pagans Love Pine Cones and Use Them In Their Art Wikipedia: Third Eye

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